In the shadow of the « the giant of Provence » - Le Mont Ventoux – just 25 kilometers northeast of Avignon, visitors will find the « Château Saint Sauveur » d'Aubignan, the lovely winery housed in the restored XII century old monastery. In fact, the owners have turned the monastery Chapel Saint Sixte into a delightful tasting room.

It has belonged to the Rey family since 1936.

From the time when the Moines began making their « vin de Paille » (white wine), this region and its terroir have been an important part of the legacy of wine making in the Rhone Valley.

The castle and the monastery were purchased in the latter part of the XX century by Guy Rey. He and his wife lovingly restored the chapel, replanted the fields with new wines and created their wonderful domain of 64 hectares.

At the Domaine, visitors can feel like as though they have gone back to the Middle Ages, but will enjoy tasting up-to-date wines created in optimal conditions. At the same time, they will be able to see monastery mysterious 'Fresco'.

Today, the new generation: Guylaine, Florence and Frank Rey carry the flame forward. They continue the tradition started by their parents and enjoy having visitors to taste their fine wines.

As of 2015, the entire vineyard will be designated as biologique (organic)